Monthly Lawn Care Maintenance

We offer a monthly maintenance programme to ensure you have a perfect lawn all year round. Our treatments are season-dependant and this service includes one monthly treatment, depending on what the lawn requires at that specific time.Treatments include:

  • Patching lawn
  • Spiking and aeration
  • Compost
  • Feeding
  • Broad-leafed weed control
  • “water” grass control
  • Lawn-eating insect control
  • Fungus control

This service is perfect for people who are tired of spending time and money on their lawns and never having success. We have identified a need for this service as people struggle on a daily basis with weeds in their lawn, ants and crickets eating their lawn, lawns never going green, brown patches, dead patches of lawn, and generally a lawn that never looks lush and green all year round. Our monthly service addresses all these issues and ensures that the money people spend on this service is well worth it!

What most people don’t realize is that grassing is a science and achieving the perfect lawn is a skill. We at The Grass Company have perfected that skill and have many happy customers on our monthly maintenance programmes!

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