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The Grass Company will help you achieve a perfect lawn all year round!

With 20 years of experience in the grassing industry in KZN, our company is a young, energetic, family-run business which endeavours to provide a quality product, outstanding service and the perfect lawn!
These days, many people work from home and entertain more often from home. A beautiful garden and lawn are an important part of making your time spent at home enjoyable, however, in today’s busy lifestyles, not many people have the time to dedicate to perfecting a lawn, and in our beautiful climate in KZN all year round, a lush, green lawn to enjoy is a must!
Our company will assist you with all your grassing requirements:

  • Instant Lawn
  • Rejuvenation of old lawns
  • Weed and lawn-eating insect control
  • Fertilizing and Compost
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Sports Surfaces
  • Earthworks
  • Indigenous Landscaping

Whether you have a few problem areas in your lawn that require a bit of attention, need a new lawn laid or a sports field built, The Grass Company can assist you and show you that the grass really is greener with us!

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