New Installations


We supply, deliver and install all varieties of grass:

  • Berea Shade (Broad-leafed, semi-shade grass)
  • Kikuyu: (Broad-leafed, full sun grass)
  • Paspallum (Fine grass, full sun grass)
  • Cynodon – various (fine grass, full sun grass)
  • Buffalo (Broad-leafed, full sun grass)
  • Kearsney (Broad-leafed, full shade grass)

Note: We also supply, deliver and install all types of lawn in runner and plugg form, and also do seeding.


Berea Shade (Broad-leafed, semi-shade grass)


Kikuyu: (Broad-leafed, full sun grass)


Paspallum (Fine grass, full sun grass)


Cynodon – various (fine grass, full sun grass)


Buffalo (Broad-leafed, full sun grass)


Kearsney (Broad-leafed, full shade grass)

In a new installation, our services include the preparation of the surface/area. This would involve either the lifting and removal of existing surface and/or preparing the area to receive the new lawn, such as:

  • Cutting and shaping the base to a smooth surface
  • Supply and install topsoil
  • Fertilizing and compost
  • Laying of lawn
  • Rolling and irrigation

Note: we offer earthworks if needed.


073101We are also able to assist with levelling lawns and damp areas.

We also build agricultural drains to assist with water drainage.

We often get calls from people who have just moved into a new home and are re-doing the garden, or people who have just built a pool and who need grass around the pool area. Sometimes people also have problem areas in their lawns such as grass that won’t grow in the shade, brown or dead  patches or uneven lawns, and we come in and re-do the areas to fix these issues and create the perfect lawn for them.

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